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The “Year of Mental Health”: What That Means, How Much It Costs, and Who It Helps 

While the past three years have been largely focused on physical health and COVID, Governor Tony Evers used this year’s State of the State address to shift the focus to mental health. Here's what that will mean for you.

Why You Should Stop Using the Phrase “Committed Suicide”

Words matter. Especially when it comes to mental health. In Wisconsin, suicide is the ninth leading cause of death overall, and the second among 10 to 34-year-olds. One thing suicide is not? A choice.

This Wisconsin Woman Started Making & Hiding Little Hearts for Mental Health Awareness. Her Movement is Now Huge.

Last year, we introduced you to Kathleen Jensen, an Onalaska woman who launched The Little Heart Project, a mental health movement. Her project isn’t so “little” anymore!

‘Be Kind’: How You Can Join the Two-Word Movement Taking Over One Wisconsin Town

You can't go far without seeing the words "Be Kind" somewhere in Sauk Prairie... There's a serious, special, and potentially LIFE-SAVING reason for that.

A Tammy Baldwin Initiative Has Provided a Makeover and Big Improvements to a Hotline for Americans Facing a Crisis

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can now be found by dialing or texting 988—putting people in touch with mental health support. Veterans lives will be saved, says a Wisconsin official.