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Credit: Safely
Wisconsin’s Safest Cities: Where Does Yours Rank?

Analysts used the most up-to-date FBI crime data to score every city with a population over 2,500.

Curds from the Curd Girl
10 Wisconsin Food Trucks to Try This Summer

Today, you’ll find food trucks selling everything from pasta and pastries to cheese curds, chicken kabobs, and more in all 72 Wisconsin counties. Many only use locally-sourced ingredients, so your business now only support the truck owner, but a local farmer, too. Here are a few of our favorites to add to your Wisconsin Bucket List.

Meet the Man Challenging Stereotypes, One Stitch at a Time

How would describe a quilter? We’d guess: an older woman, gray hair, hunched over a sewing machine. Meet Scott Kaeppel: an early-60s Sheboygan Falls man, who's defying gender stereotypes.   Scott knows his passion is typically a women’s hobby, but he doesn’t care. We caught up with the talented quilter for advice on finding and pursuing a new passion.