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Spindell Knudson
Update: The Non-Conspiracy Theorist Republican Who Quit the State Elections Commission Was Pressured by Ron Johnson

Senator's spokesperson confirms telling Dean Knudson he'd lost grassroots' confidence—increasing the chance that someone embracing "Big Lie" election falsehoods will take charge of the commission.

Spindell Knudson
GOP Election Commissioners Vote Against Spending Extra $750,000 on Voter-Education Ads

Commissioner says he “would rather send [federal money] back to the Federal Treasury” than run a social media ad campaign running up to the election.

A record number of Wisconsinites voted by absentee ballot this election. (Shutterstock image)
Final Approval Given on Absentee Ballots

Roughly 2.7 million ballot request packets will be sent to voters by Sept. 1.

Republican advices Green Party candidate
Election Commission to Meet Two Days Before Deadline to Finalize Absentee Ballot Requests

The commission will have one more meeting next week to presumably grant final approval.