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Democrats Are Closing Ron Johnson’s Tax Break—So That Health Care Gets a Higher Priority Than Billionaires

Hundreds of billions will go toward providing Medicare after capping a tax change so that its benefits are focused small businesses and middle class entrepreneurs.

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Ron Johnson’s Chicago Fundraiser Co-Host Is a Slumlord Turned Trump Ambassador

Ronald Gidwitz allowed low-income housing to fester while rubbing elbows with GOP power players. Billionaire co-hosts Dick and Elizabeth Uihlein reaped a windfall from Johnson’s 2017 sweetheart tax deal.

Truth PAC Johnson Uihlein Hendricks
Wisconsin Billionaires Who Got a Monster Tax Break From Ron Johnson Are Now Spending Millions to Get Him Re-elected

One, for example, had her taxes reduced by $36 million in just the first year of the new pass-through break championed by Johnson and other Republicans.

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‘We Conquered Fear and Anger’: Incumbents Hold Seats in Mequon-Thiensville School Recall

Supporters of the incumbents say the win shows most people don’t side with efforts to prevent COVID safeguards or stop the teaching of race and racism in schools.