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Description of GOP’s Letter to Superintendents: ‘It Added No Value,” an Effort to Shift Blame.
‘It Added No Value’: State Superintendents Slam GOP Letter as an Effort to Shift Blame

Dozens of Republican legislators who control the bulk of public school funding lean on schools to open up despite COVID concerns.

Image of a letter from dozens of Republican state legislators asking an unknown number of school superintendents to resume in-person instruction despite concerns about the coronavirus outbreak that has killed nearly 1,000 people in Wisconsin.
Read the Letter GOP Legislators Sent to Superintendents Pressuring Them to Reopen Schools

Lawmakers who have power over nearly half of public education funds suggest “opening your doors” to all students.

Hey Mr. President, it Takes An Act of Congress To Delay November Election
Trump’s Call to Delay Election Meets Swift Bipartisan Backlash in Wisconsin

Trump receives bipartisan backlash for suggesting presidential election be delayed.

Another 19,000 Join Unemployed
State Democrats Seek Republican Support for Package of Unemployment Benefit Bills

Proposal comes as unemployment for June drops to 8.5 percent and backlog hovers around 141,000 unemployment claims.

Long-Term Care Providers: $100 Million in Federal Funds Is Not Enough To Help
Long-Term Care Providers: We Need a State Commitment, Not Just Federal Funds

COVID crisis financially stressing an already challenged system.