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Dusk settles over the White House
Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Final Effort to Overturn 221,000 Ballots

Hagedorn joins progressives in telling the president he waited too long after the election was done to complain about the rules that govern it.

Rebecca Dallet, Rebecca Bradley, Pat Roggensack, and Brian Hagedorn.
READ: Conservative Justice Pens Scathing Takedown of Attempts to Toss Out WI Election Results

Hagedorn joins progressives in calling the case “a dangerous path we are being asked to tread.”

Poll worker Rebecca Brandt, center, feeds a voting tabulation machine with absentee ballots in the gym at Sun Prairie High School on Nov. 3 in Sun Prairie. The entire gym was dedicated to counting the absentee ballots. (Photo by Andy Manis/Getty Images)
Evers, Election Official Defend Wisconsin Election Results as Trump Attacks Biden Win

“Meticulous” election process doesn’t allow for rigging of votes, says state election official.