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Teacher Wearing a Mask Standing in Her Classroom
Trump’s Rush to Resume Classes Is ‘Reprehensible,’ Educators Say

Teachers say they know bullying when they see it, as President, DeVos, Tiffany and others attack public schools.

Gov. Tony Evers wears a mask while discussing rising COVID-19 numbers in Wisconsin
Evers: Statewide Mask Order Unlikely

Dane County adds requirement as Wisconsin tops 800 dead.

CDC YouTube Page
Add CDC Videos to Your Quarantine Viewing List

Dozens of individual nuggets of information about coronavirus As the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world, the United States, and Wisconsin, all of us have many questions about the virus that has disrupted people’s lives in more ways than we can count. Thankfully for us, we live in a world where information is as...

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
Racine Judge Tosses Out COVID Rules as City’s Cases Near 1,500

Council will try to put restrictions back in place Monday evening.

From Zero to 85,000 Tests Per Week: The Inside Story of How Wisconsin Turbocharged Its COVID Testing
Wisconsin Once Limited Businesses, Now Businesses Are Limiting Local Health Officials

County boards are caving to pushback against efforts to halt the spread of coronavirus

President Trump rallies supporters in Green Bay on Apr. 27, 2019
Pocan’s Bill Would Allow People Who Get Sick at Trump Rallies to Sue the President

Attendees would not be forced to sign a waiver as the Trump campaign is currently planning.

No, Hand Sanitizer Is Not Going to Catch Fire In Your Hot Car
No, Hand Sanitizer Is Not Going to Catch Fire In Your Hot Car

Provided you keep your car out of volcanoes, metal foundries, and the sun, you have nothing to worry about.