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The Best Moments in 2022 Wisconsin Politics

What was the BEST thing that happened in Wisconsin politics this year? We take a look at what happened, what's next, and ask for your input.

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The Biggest ‘Winner’ of the 2022 Midterms? Women.

Both Democrats and Republicans are celebrating historic victories for Latino women, LGBTQ+ women, and all women. Period.

Retired Moderate Republicans Call for More Collaboration to Benefit Western Wisconsin

Former US Rep. Steve Gunderson and former state Sen. Dale Schultz write about the need for bipartisanship as the better path than ideological obstruction for solving today's challenges.

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Wisconsin’s Governor, Senate Races are Going to Be Really Close. How Do We Know? History.

Wisconsin has been labeled a “swing” or “battleground” state time and time again, with elections here won and lost by the tightest of margins.

Attorney General
On the Issues: Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul

Josh Kaul has served as Wisconsin’s attorney general since 2019. He is running for reelection and discusses his stance on critical issues.

Inside Ambition Center MKE, owner Marcell Jackson, keeps a reminder of how far he's come.
(Re)Open for Business: How Evers’ Grant Program is Revitalising Main Streets Across Wisconsin

Since 2021, the Main Street Bounceback Grant Program, championed by Gov. Tony Evers, has helped more than 6,200 small businesses in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

Rep. Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) speaks during a June 22, 2021, Assembly floor session. (Photo by Christina Lieffring)
Fight to End Wisconsin’s Abortion Ban Intensifies After Restrictive Texas Law Goes Into Effect

State law still has a 1849 abortion ban on the books. The only thing holding it back is Roe v. Wade.