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The Best Of: Wisconsin Travel in 2022

2022 marked the return of both in- and out-of-state travelers: some, eager to get out and explore for the first time in a few years! 

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3 Things to Know Ahead of the Opening of Deer Season in Wisconsin

If you are a Wisconsin deer hunter, you probably know that bow season started in mid-September. However, rifle season is almost upon us. The Wisconsin Department of Resources (DNR) has only made two changes since last year—a reduced amount of antlerless permits in two northern counties.

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5 Things to Do When Your Adventure-Loving Friend Visits Wisconsin for the First Time

When you ask someone who hasn’t been to Wisconsin what they know about our state, most can easily list the Packers, cheese, Jeffrey Dahmer, and dairy farms. But Wisconsin is home to so much more– especially for outdoor enthusiasts. While we don’t have oceans or mountains, we compensate with two Great Lakes, countless rivers, and an abundance of trails. 

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New Deal Ensures Conservation of Northwoods and Future of Birkie Ski Race

Telemark Forest Preserve will continue to serve as a race backdrop and provide “low-impact” recreation opportunities while protecting the Namekagon watershed and nearby habitat.

Area 178, a 9-mile trails network on the eastern edge of Chippewa Falls, west of Lake Wissota,
is a scenic natural area used by hikers, runners, and bicyclists. The area is one of many
beautiful recreational areas across Wisconsin. (Photo by Julian Emerson)
I Never Knew Area 178 Existed. Now I Can’t Wait to Go Back.

For more than four decades in the Chippewa Valley, this beautiful site evaded Julian Emerson. That changed recently.