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Bird banding
Field Trips From the Natural Resources Foundation Show Off Wisconsin From All Angles

Group started as a defense against state budget cuts and now regularly fills up more than 200 opportunities to see fields, forests, creeks, and critters.

Dells of Eau Claire
A Beginners Guide to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail

No time for a one thousand mile hike? Here are a few stops along the trail that will allow you to experience its beauty in your spare time.

Area 178, a 9-mile trails network on the eastern edge of Chippewa Falls, west of Lake Wissota,
is a scenic natural area used by hikers, runners, and bicyclists. The area is one of many
beautiful recreational areas across Wisconsin. (Photo by Julian Emerson)
I Never Knew Area 178 Existed. Now I Can’t Wait to Go Back.

For more than four decades in the Chippewa Valley, this beautiful site evaded Julian Emerson. That changed recently.