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Impeachment-palooza: Republicans Are Now Targeting Wisconsin’s Top Election Official, Using the Same ‘Big Lie’ Material from 2020

Also this week: The special session that just might tie together childcare help, a new tax cut, and stadium renovations for the Brewers. And the state superintendent rips DEI critics.

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Republicans Vote to Fire Top Elections Official, Spurring Legal Battle Over Whether They Can Do That

The move comes as Assembly Republicans passed a watered-down redistricting reform bill and continue to talk of impeaching State Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

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‘Scapegoat’: Republicans’ Election Denial Prompts Effort to Fire Top Elections Official

“I think that it’s largely out of a desire to find an explanation for Donald Trump’s loss other than fewer people voted for him than Joe Biden,” Ann Jacobs, one of the Democratic commissioners on the Wisconsin Elections Commission told Politico.

Capitol TV Reruns
We Deserve Better Than More Summer Reruns by Wisconsin Republicans

Once the writers’ strike is over, can someone help the GOP write a tax cut bill, a plan for affordable childcare, and an election strategy that doesn’t depend on nullifying results they don’t like?

Trump Fake Electors Papers
Consequences Keep Coming For Those Who Tried to Overturn 2020 Election

Trump reveals receiving a letter from special counsel Jack Smith informing the former president he is the target of an investigation that has included interviews with Wisconsin election officials.

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‘Big Lie’ Advocate Admits to Fraudulently Seeking Others’ Absentee Ballots—as a Way to Claim Fraud Exists

But the far-right advocate didn’t get the ballots of two public officials because the system worked. The Racine County Sheriff gives the crime a wink while advancing his own “Big Lie” claims.

Bill Barr 2000 Mules
Trump’s Former Attorney General Laughed at Claims About ‘Mules,’ the Same Claims Given a Forum by Wisconsin Republicans

The January 6 Committee showed video of Bill Barr laughing about the claims in the movie “2000 Mules.” That laugh could have been useful in March when Assembly Republicans turned a hearing over to conspiracy theorists.