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From Restoring Reproductive Freedom to Saving Social Security: Democrat Mandela Barnes, on How He’d Improve Your Life

Sleeves rolled up to expose his fully-tattooed forearms, Mandela Barnes looks straight into the laptop his team propped up on a stool in his campaign headquarters. “Ready to go,” he says, with an enthusiastic nod and clap of his hands. We're printing this interview exactly as it happened, transcribed word-for-word. We believe this transparency is important, to prove we have no agenda, other than to hold our public officials accountable for the actions they've taken while representing you.

Are We Really That Scary? Why Pollsters are Running from Wisconsin Ahead of the 2022 Midterms

While other “Battlegrounds” have seen 30+ polls, only 10 have come out of the Badger State.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, right, speaks with co-owner Jessica Jones as he toured the Giant Jones Brewery on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, in Madison, Wis. Barnes made the stop the day after launching his Senate campaign. (AP Photo/Scott Bauer)
Mandela Barnes Calls Out Ron Johnson Over Oshkosh Defense’s Outsourcing of Jobs 

Sen. Ron Johnson, who helped ram through a 2017 tax cut that benefited large corporations and his own billionaire donors, downplayed the impact of Oshkosh Defense's decision to outsource jobs.

Make It Count RoJo Barnes Evers Michels
Marquette Poll: Mandela Barnes Has a Solid Lead Over Ron Johnson—While Tony Evers and Tim Michels Are In a Statistical Dead Heat

Johnson faces sky-high 49% who say he doesn’t “care about people like me,” while Michels’ outcome likely rests with the 23% who say they don’t know him well enough to answer that question yet.

Mandela Barnes vs. Ron Johnson
National Democrats Already Charging Out of the Gate with Ads Targeting Ron Johnson

National Republicans and many other groups will also spend big in Wisconsin to prop up the GOP’s most vulnerable reelection target.

Ron Johnson Goes There—Says Social Security and Medicare Should Face a Renewal Vote by Congress Every Year

Millions of Americans would face uncertainty each year about whether they’ll receive the benefits they helped pay for throughout their working lives.

Mandela Barnes vs. Ron Johnson
Mandela Barnes Emerges as the Senate Nominee After Every Primary Opponent Drops Out in Less Than a Week

The lieutenant governor becomes the Democrats’ presumptive challenger to Sen. Ron Johnson as Nelson, Lasry, and now Godlewski all drop out and seek a united front for November.