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Freedom Inc. Posts Bail for 4 Black Inmates After Juneteenth March
Freedom Inc. Fund to Post Bail for 4 Black Inmates After Juneteenth March

Madison-based nonprofit continues getting Black men, women out of jail who are only there for lack of money to post bail.

A gathering at James Madison Park for a birthday celebration for what would have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday Friday. (Photo © Andy Manis)
Madison Holds Birthday Party for Breonna Taylor

Killed by Louisville police in her home, Taylor would have turned 27 Friday.

Wisconsin's Largest City Poised to Defund the Police By $30 Million
What Defund the Police Really Means

Rebuilding departments and moving money from weaponry to prevention.

Protestors Lay Flowers, Black Lives Matter Signs on Dane County Sheriff's Lawn
Demonstrators Visit Sheriff’s House

Demonstrators Call for Defunding Police, Releasing Inmates During Pandemic.