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Tony Evers
Evers Calls for Special Legislative Session to Create Path for Voters to Repeal 1849 Abortion Ban 

Republicans have already rejected Evers’ call for another special session to debate a proposal to amend the state’s constitution to include a guarantee of reproductive freedom.

Alison Page, Danielle Johnson, Sarah Yacoub, Patty Schachtner
Roe Repeal ‘Really Lit a Fire Under a Lot of Women’ Now Running for Office in Wisconsin

The US Supreme Court ruling that rolled back abortion rights has been a catalyst for women to become candidates, volunteers, donors, and newly-registered voters.

WI Governor race
Gov. Evers Reveals a New Plan to Invest a Record Surplus in Tax Cuts and Help for Families. Michels’ Response: ‘Kenosha!’

Republican lawmakers are not likely to end their 10-month paid break while sitting on a $5 billion surplus.

A Governor Awaits His Challenger While Reflecting on Accomplishments, Goals, and Red Lines

Our interview with Gov. Tony Evers, who defeated Scott Walker by 1.1% in 2018 and will face a tenacious Republican effort to deny him a second term.

Evers Calls Out Republicans—More Than Obstruction, He Says They’re Against the Peaceful Transfer of Power

Governor tells UpNorthNews how the national GOP is only catching up to dangerous precedents set by Wisconsin Republicans.

Walker Prehn LeMahieu
Smoking Gun Discovered as Former Gov. Walker and Allies Conspired to Seize Control of Natural Resources Board

Newly revealed text messages show board chair Fred Prehn planning to stay in place after his term ended, knowing Republican legislators would refuse to confirm Evers’ nominee to replace him.

Culligan Delivery
‘Back to the Dark Ages’ for Water Protection as a Judge Kills DNR Enforcement of PFAS

State’s big business lobby, WMC, successfully argues the Legislature has to list the chemicals and write the rules—even though it might never do that.