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State lawmakers gathered on the Assembly floor. (Photo © Andy Manis)
Here Are 10 Wisconsin Legislative Races to Keep an Eye on Election Night

These key Senate and Assembly elections could give Republicans a supermajority to override Evers' vetoes.

Wisconsin puzzle map
Wisconsin Voters Have Been Screwed Over by Gerrymandering for Years. Will It Happen Again?

Rigged maps from 2011 lead to an Assembly and Senate out of whack with the people’s preferences nearly a decade later.

(Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Teachers Demand Legislature Step Up as They Struggle to Educate Students Safely

GOP lawmakers haven’t met in more than 170 days as educators struggle with costs, connectivity, and minimizing coronavirus exposure.

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Here Are the Primaries and Races to Watch in the 2020 Elections for the Wisconsin Legislature

Eight incumbents face challengers from within their own parties.

Hayward nurse Buffy Riley, left, and state Rep. David Bowen, D-Milwaukee, each contracted the coronavirus and survived painful battles with COVID-19.
Riley and Bowen: Trump Making It Harder to Survive COVID-19

Bowen was the first state legislator to catch the virus. Riley went to New York to help overloaded hospitals; then she caught it.

GOP Coronavirus Aid Plan Has Some Big Strings Attached

Republicans will waive waiting period for unemployment if they can take more power from Evers and slash spending anywhere they wish

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Evers Postpones Election, GOP Runs to Court

Governor calls new special session for Tuesday, sets new June election date