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White House Official Talks Up the Many Benefits Coming to Wisconsin from Biden’s Infrastructure Law

Billions of dollars allocated for infrastructure projects in Wisconsin will create jobs to help roads, bridges, ports, airports, rail, broadband, and lead pipe removal.

La Crosse and Eau Claire counties will have non-binding referendum questions on their ballots to push for clean water protection. (Photo: JT Cestkowski)
Right to Clean Water Goes to Voters in Two Wisconsin Counties

Voters in two Wisconsin counties will have the chance to make their voices heard on the issue of water quality in the upcoming spring election.

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks in Milwaukee about the Biden administration's lead pipe and paint remediation efforts. (Screenshot via C-SPAN)
‘Moral Imperative’: Harris Talks Lead Remediation in Milwaukee

The bipartisan infrastructure deal is expected to make a substantial impact in efforts to replace Wisconsin's 176,000 lead water lines.

This old part of a water main is among many being replaced in Eau Claire as part of an effort to get rid of water lines containing lead. (Photo by Julian Emerson)
Wisconsin Has 176,000 Lead Pipes. The Infrastructure Bill Will Help Take Them Out.

The bipartisan infrastructure legislation that Biden recently signed includes $15 billion to replace lead pipes across the country.

In this Aug. 26 photo from the city of Janesville’s Facebook page, work is shown on replacing the city’s remaining lead water service lines. Janesville was allocated nearly $12 million in aid from the American Rescue Plan. City staff suggested that some of the funds be used for the ongoing lead line replacement project.
Against It Before They Were for It—Some Wisconsin Politicians Are Busy Promoting American Rescue Plan Funds

Wisconsin GOP lawmakers seem grateful for the aid that has helped hometown businesses and provided stimulus checks.

Bridge rebuilding in Ashland County
Wisconsin Desperately Needs Infrastructure Bills to Pass, Lawmakers Say

Two bills proposed by Biden would help Wisconsin address a range of issues, according to a Democratic state representative and GOP state senator.