Josh Kaul

Trump Files Lawsuit to Toss 220K Votes in Milwaukee, Dane Counties

Trump makes his latest attack on the election as he tries to cling to the presidency.

3 months ago

Conservative Lawsuit Asks Wis. Supreme Court to Throw Out the Entire Election

Attorney General Josh Kaul says the lawsuit “seeks to disenfranchise every Wisconsinite who voted.”

3 months ago

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Voter Purge Lawsuit

A decision on the status of 130,000 voters is reportedly unlikely before the election.

5 months ago

State Taps Former Madison Police Chief to Investigate Jacob Blake Shooting

Noble Wray will serve as an independent expert consultant for the Kenosha County district attorney.

5 months ago

ACLU: Militia in Kenosha Got ‘Free Pass’ While Police Cracked Down on Protesters

Group says curfew violations should not depend on whether cops agree or disagree with who’s out late.

6 months ago

Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Identified as Protesters Call for Justice for Fourth Night

Demonstrators remember the lives of two Kenosha-area men shot and killed by vigilante teenager from Illinois.

6 months ago

Milwaukee’s Federal Deployment Will Not Be Like Portland, Swears U.S. Attorney

The new description is at odds with President Trump’s announcement.

7 months ago

State Supreme Court Hands Evers Another Defeat

Court upholds majority of lame-duck laws, sends case back to lower court.

8 months ago