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President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill, walk out for the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool)
What the First Actions from President Biden Could Mean for Wisconsin

Whether it’s the first 100 days or the first 10 days, a new administration is likely to change the trajectory of the vaccine rollout, COVID relief, and other issues affecting the state.

Boxes containing the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are prepared to be shipped at the McKesson distribution center in Olive Branch, Mississippi.
Pandemic Politics Have Moved From Shutdowns to Masks and Now to Vaccines

Slow pace that is driving divisive political rhetoric could change when President-elect Joe Biden takes office, launching $20 billion national vaccination program to vaccinate 100 million people in first 100 days.

Wisconsin delegates pledged to President-elect Joe Biden sit socially distanced during vote of the Electoral College 
Monday in the state Capitol in Madison. (Screen image from WisconsinEye)
‘We Made It.’ Wisconsin’s Biden Electors Make His Win Official.

Evers delivers a sigh of relief during an Electoral College vote held minutes after the state Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit from President Trump.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court hears arguments from Jim Troupis, bottom left, an attorney for outgoing President Donald Trump, on Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020. Troupis argued more than 221,000 votes cast in Milwaukee and Dane counties during the Nov. 3 election should be thrown out. (Screenshot)
Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Trump’s Quest to Flip the State

Swing Justice Brian Hagedorn gives little indication of his leaning in the state case. Simultaneously, a judge dismisses president's federal lawsuit.

Members of the Milwaukee County Board of Canvassers talk among themselves Nov. 20 at the Wisconsin Center before the county's recount begins. At left is Republican Rick Baas, at center is Democratic Board Chairman Tim Posnanski, and at right is Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson. (Photo by Jonathon Sadowski)
Judge Rejects Trump’s Attempt to Toss 221,000 Votes in Milwaukee, Dane Counties

President Donald Trump gets handed yet another loss in his war on the election.

Christ Troupis, a legal representative for President Donald Trump's campaign, addresses the three-member Dane County Board of Canvassers Friday at the Monona Terrace during the start of the recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties.(Photo by Jessica VanEgeren)
Judge Holds Off Immediately Ruling on Trump’s Federal Wisconsin Election Lawsuit

Judge Brett Ludwig, a Trump appointee, notes the president filed no complaints about the system prior to Election Day—which he lost.

Chris Van Es with then-Treasury Secy Jack Lew in 2016.
WI Treasury Alum: Janet Yellen Is Good for Workers, Consumers, Interest Rates, Tariffs

Eau Claire native Chris Van Es says she and other Obama-era figures are also “crisis tested” and ready to help President-elect Biden.