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Republicans Vote to Fire Top Elections Official, Spurring Legal Battle Over Whether They Can Do That

The move comes as Assembly Republicans passed a watered-down redistricting reform bill and continue to talk of impeaching State Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates often speak out on hot topics. Only one faces impeachment threat

The Wisconsin Supreme Court justice who Republicans are threatening to impeach over comments she made on the campaign trail about abortion and redistricting isn’t the first member of the court to offer public opinions about major issues of the day.

Republicans Face Huge Backlash After Threatening to Impeach Newly-Elected Supreme Court Justice

Janet Protasiewicz trounced conservative Dan Kelly less than six months ago. Now Republicans have talked about using impeachment to nullify her election before she’s heard a single case—and they’re facing serious blowback.

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We Deserve Better Than More Summer Reruns by Wisconsin Republicans

Once the writers’ strike is over, can someone help the GOP write a tax cut bill, a plan for affordable childcare, and an election strategy that doesn’t depend on nullifying results they don’t like?

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Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Now Has a Liberal Majority. But What Will That Mean For You?

There are three key cases that could soon be decided by the new, liberal-controlled state Supreme Court, with fallout that could have significant consequences for Wisconsinites. 

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The Big Election Is Over. What’s Next?

A push for a completely new map of legislative and congressional districts. A dimmer future for the state’s 1849 abortion ban. And activists imploring Wisconsinites to stay engaged and get involved.

Record Voter Turnout Spurs Protasiewicz To Victory In Supreme Court Race

Conservatives lose control of the court after15 years, but a GOP win in one special election could lead to the Legislature attempting to impeach Gov. Tony Evers and other officials