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4 Reasons You Should Be Paying Attention to the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill provides food assistance for 41 million Americans, funds land conservation practices, is a huge source of federal investment in rural communities, and ensures all Americans they have access to a safe, stable supply of food.

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It Started with a Single Pot of Spaghetti. Now, This Waukesha Woman is Feeding 200+ Families a Week.

Rochelle Gamauf was a successful realtor, until a health scare forced her to slow down and reevaluate. After suffering a hemorrhage that resulted in multiple emergency room visits and surgeries, she struggled to do basic things like walk, or even shower, and started using a wheelchair. But she wasn’t about to let that confine or define her.

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Everyone Will Feel the Impact of Inflation at Thanksgiving. Some Will Face Food Insecurity Long Past the Holiday.

Groceries for those special dinners will cost more, putting everyday meals out of reach for a growing number of families forced to rely on food banks.

Food Pantries Anticipate Record Demand This Thanksgiving. They’ll Need Record Donations to Meet It.

Nearly three years since the pandemic began, high grocery prices are now driving thousands of families to their local pantries. Many, for the first time.

The Meaning Behind the Colorful Mittens For Sale in 30+ Dane County Businesses

These aren't any old hand warmers. They're ReMitts: mittens with meaning.