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This Wisconsin Woman Started Making & Hiding Little Hearts for Mental Health Awareness. Her Movement is Now Huge.

Last year, we introduced you to Kathleen Jensen, an Onalaska woman who launched The Little Heart Project, a mental health movement. Her project isn’t so “little” anymore!

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Reports of Domestic Violence Reach a Record High in Wisconsin 

As the pandemic required people to shelter in place, some were forced to stay with their abusers—prompting a concerning surge in homicidal domestic violence cases.

The Power of an Hour: 6 Places to Spend 60 Minutes on Christmas Day

"It's difficult for one person to make a difference in the world, but to one person, you can make a world of difference." Here are six places one hour really leaves an impact.

Food Pantries Anticipate Record Demand This Thanksgiving. They’ll Need Record Donations to Meet It.

Nearly three years since the pandemic began, high grocery prices are now driving thousands of families to their local pantries. Many, for the first time.

The Meaning Behind the Colorful Mittens For Sale in 30+ Dane County Businesses

These aren't any old hand warmers. They're ReMitts: mittens with meaning.

Where to Donate Your Extra Halloween Candy

Are you already overwhelmed by the amount of candy in your house? Whether you're donating it in the name of health or trying to help, here are a few places you can give your excess candy that make a difference.