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(Illustration by Morgaine Ford-Workman)
Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Have Introduced 11 Restrictive Voting Bills, Analysis Finds

Voting-rights advocates say almost a dozen Republican-authored bills in the Wisconsin Legislature would restrict or complicate ballot access.

The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County’s Comité por el Voto Latino/Latinx Voter Outreach Committee promotes its "Your Vote is Your Voice" campaign. (Photo provided by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin)
League of Women Voters Changed Methods in 2020. The Result Was Record Turnout in Wisconsin.

Women associated with various League of Women Voters locations across the state describe what it takes to boost civic participation.

Drop boxes are designed to provide voters an alternative spot to deliver their absentee ballot, as opposed to traditional mail service. (Photo by Ethan Duran)
Do Not Put Your Absentee Ballot in the Mail If You Want Your Vote Counted

Ballots received by election officials after 8 p.m. on Election Day will be thrown out.