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Update: The Non-Conspiracy Theorist Republican Who Quit the State Elections Commission Was Pressured by Ron Johnson

Senator's spokesperson confirms telling Dean Knudson he'd lost grassroots' confidence—increasing the chance that someone embracing "Big Lie" election falsehoods will take charge of the commission.

Wisconsin Elections Commissioner, Republican Dean Knudson, told the Joint Committee on Campaigns and Elections that there was “no credible evidence voter fraud occurred.” 
Democratic Lawmakers Ditch Republican-Led ‘Sham’ Election Hearing

“I want to let the public know that you have not let the Democrats have the floor.”

From left: Wisconsin Elections Commission members Dean Knudson, Ann Jacobs, and Bob Spindell. (Screenshots)
Republicans Demand Chairwoman Resign After She Confirms Biden Win

The Wisconsin Elections Commission chairwoman didn’t do anything differently than when Trump won in 2016, yet GOP male colleagues call for her to resign.

A record number of Wisconsinites voted by absentee ballot this election. (Shutterstock image)
Final Approval Given on Absentee Ballots

Roughly 2.7 million ballot request packets will be sent to voters by Sept. 1.

absentee ballot mailings
Election Panel Votes to Send Out Absentee Ballot Request Forms

Election Commission still needs to agree on wording at June 10 meeting.