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The potential collapse of a January trade deal with China could leave Wisconsin crops piled up.
Trump’s China Deal to Help Wisconsin Farmers Is Faltering

US exports may become collateral damage in a faceoff over Hong Kong

Thousands of Wisconsin Farmers Need Help. There's No Guarantee They'll Get It.
‘You Can’t Make It at Those Prices.’ Dairy Farmers Say They’re Done Without More Federal Help.

Individual efforts to purchase milk and cheese help, but only Congress and USDA can prevent another wave of farm losses as school and restaurant closures pummel the market.

Agriculture Panel: The Pain Isn't Going to Stop For The Rural Economy Soon
Pandemic May Be the Last Straw for Another Batch of Farmers

Government purchases encouraged to slow the freefall of prices, but it may not be enough

Attendees of the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest sample the top 75 cheeses of the competition Thursday evening at the Monona Terrace in Madison. (Photo by Sharon Vanorny)
Three Wisconsin Cheeses in Top 20

A gruyere from Switzerland wins the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest

A worker prods a cow up a ramp and into a semi-truck trailer Monday at Paul Adams’ farm. Most of the 600-plus cows in his dairy herd were shipped to a large dairy farm in Texas. (Photo by Julian Emerson)
Another Auction Ends a Family Farm

After 148 years, nothing left to try to avoid losing money and now a livelihood

Dean Sommer, a cheese and food technologist, stands in the Center for Dairy Research facility on the UW-Madison campus. (Photo © Andy Manis)
UW Gives Wisconsin Cheese a Global Fan Base

The art and science of cheese making

A cheese sample rests on a cheese trier as it is being judged at the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest. The contest occurs every two years. (Photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association)
It’s the Super Bowl of Cheese Contests

World Championship event in Madison this week judges 3,667 entries from 26 countries