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The Best and Worst Places to Live in the Midwest, Ranked by Climate Change Risk

While no county is immune to the impacts of climate change, some are certainly more "climate-safe" than others. And in the Midwest, a region well-versed in weather extremes, Wisconsin is a notable bright spot.

How Bad Are Roads In WI? It Took 10 Years Just To Get This One Fixed.
How Bad Are Roads In WI? It Took 10 Years Just to Get This One Fixed.

Construction to begin in 2022 on County Highway F near Blanchardville.

GOP State Senators Plan to Take on Evers' Mask Order as Coronavirus Cases Spike
Legislators Debate Options for Surplus — Right in Front of Cash-Strapped County Leaders

Partisan split evident on funding vital needs or an election year tax cut

Care for Kids in Crisis Hits County Budgets

Local leaders meet in Madison to consider creative ways to provide vital care and fill potholes