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Dr. James Heise, chief medical officer at Door County Medical Center, is seen in a virtual press event sponsored by the Brown County Health Department Wednesday. (Screenshot)
Green Bay Doctors Address ‘Slew of Misinformation’ Around COVID-19

“That has been as big of a challenge as the disease itself,” says one pulmonologist.

JBS Packerland announces it will reopen but will not release the number of employees COVID-19 positive.
JBS Reopens But Will Not Share COVID-19 Numbers

Meatpacker won't share the true scope of the massive outbreak, and now Brown County won't either.

Private companies, county health officials are not reporting numbers of COVID-19 positive workers.
Green Bay Meatpacker Won’t Be Required to Finish Testing Its Workers

Almost a quarter of the 1,200 employees at JBS Packerland have coronavirus, but not all were tested before the plant was shut down.