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Jacob Blake Jr.'s uncle, Justin Blake (yellow shirt) hugs Letetra Wideman, Jacob Blake's younger sister, Aug. 30 during a march in Kenosha. Wideman later recited a poem she had written titled, "Allow Me to Introduce Myself" to the crowd. (Photo © Andy Manis)
Looking Back on 2020: The Racial Justice Movement Hits Home in Wisconsin

Jacob Blake shooting shows why you can’t brush police brutality and systemic racism off as someone else’s problem.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales, clad in a "thin blue line" face mask, watches over Zoom Thursday night as the city's Fire and Police Commission votes to demote him to captain. (Screenshot/City of Milwaukee)
Milwaukee’s Police Chief Demoted Over Handling of Officer-Involved Killing, BLM Protests

From tear gas and rubber bullet use to not firing a cop charged with murder, activists have had a laundry list of concerns about the chief.

Milwaukee Police Chief Holds on to Job
Milwaukee Police Chief Holds on to Job

Embattled chief is instead given directives to follow.

Milwaukee protesters 100 days
Milwaukee Protest Group Has Marched for 50 Days Straight. They Won’t Stop.

The People’s Revolution calls for justice wherever it needs to in the Milwaukee area.

Wisconsin's Largest City Poised to Defund the Police By $30 Million
Milwaukee PD Faces 10 Percent Cut

Budget reallocation ordered by veto-proof council majority