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Wolfe Kaul Vos LeMahieu
Republicans Vote to Fire Top Elections Official, Spurring Legal Battle Over Whether They Can Do That

The move comes as Assembly Republicans passed a watered-down redistricting reform bill and continue to talk of impeaching State Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

Meagan Wolfe headshot
‘Scapegoat’: Republicans’ Election Denial Prompts Effort to Fire Top Elections Official

“I think that it’s largely out of a desire to find an explanation for Donald Trump’s loss other than fewer people voted for him than Joe Biden,” Ann Jacobs, one of the Democratic commissioners on the Wisconsin Elections Commission told Politico.

Republicans Face Huge Backlash After Threatening to Impeach Newly-Elected Supreme Court Justice

Janet Protasiewicz trounced conservative Dan Kelly less than six months ago. Now Republicans have talked about using impeachment to nullify her election before she’s heard a single case—and they’re facing serious blowback.

Georgia Election Investigation
Here’s Your Scorecard to Track the Many Criminal Trials Facing Former President Trump

Georgia prosecutors add a fourth criminal case to Trump’s legal woes. Wisconsin’s fake electors are mentioned.

Trump Indictment Capitol Riot Courthouse
Trump Is Arraigned on Felony Charges of Trying to Steal the 2020 Election—with Help from Several Wisconsin Supporters

The former president pleads not guilty while adding another hearing date to a burgeoning legal calendar involving three criminal cases—with the possibility of a fourth on the way.