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Camp Manito-wish YMCA Summer Camp

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By UpNorthNews Staff

May 10, 2024

Wisconsin is home to some of the best summer camps for kids, offering a wide range of activities and adventures to keep your little ones entertained and engaged all summer long. From outdoor adventures to creative arts and sports camps, there’s something for every child to enjoy. Let’s dive into the top summer camps in Wisconsin and find the perfect fit for your young camper!

Dive into Adventure at Camp Manito-Wish (Boulder Junction)

Age Range: 10-14

Prepare your child for an exhilarating summer adventure at Camp Manito-Wish, a haven for young adventurers eager to embrace the wilderness. Imagine the excitement on your child’s face as they paddle through crystal-clear waters, their canoe slicing through the lake with every stroke. Picture them bonding with new friends over a campfire, sharing stories under a sky bursting with stars.

Camp Manito-Wish’s diverse program includes hiking through lush forests, where the sounds of nature create a symphony of tranquility and wonder. Fishing enthusiasts will find themselves in a paradise, with the chance to reel in their catch of the day, teaching them patience and perseverance. But the adventure doesn’t stop at the water’s edge; campers can also test their limits and learn the ropes of rock climbing, pushing their boundaries and building confidence with every climb.

Designed to foster independence and teamwork, activities at Camp Manito-Wish encourage campers to discover their strengths and work together, building friendships that last a lifetime. The experienced staff are more than just guides; they are mentors who inspire and support each camper, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for all. Whether your child is navigating the challenge course, learning essential outdoor survival skills, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, they are sure to create memories that will warm their hearts for years to come.

So gear up for an unforgettable summer at Camp Manito-Wish, where adventure awaits at every turn, and the magic of the Northwoods creates the perfect backdrop for a season of growth, fun, and adventure.

Explore the Wonders of Science at Badger Bots Summer Camp (Multiple Locations)

Age Range: 6-12

Is your young explorer always asking “why” and “how” about the world around them? Then pack their bags for Badger Bots Summer Camp, where curiosity leads to discovery, and science becomes an adventure! This camp transforms the natural world into a living laboratory where every question is encouraged and every day brings a new mystery to solve.

Badger Bots offers a memorable STEM experience for kids across Wisconsin. Hands-on exploration is key at this summer camp, and the staff provides activities that are sure to make your kid love STEM. Badger Bots offers various concentrations, ranging from 3D Printing, to Arcade Game Design, to LEGO Robotics Challenge.

So, if your child is ready to turn their curiosity into action and have a blast doing it, Badger Bots is the place to be. They’ll return home not just with souvenirs, but with knowledge, experiences, and a renewed excitement for learning that will light their way to the future.

Embrace Friendships at Camp Bayside (Madison)

Age Range: 5-11

Located in Madison, Camp Bayside offers an enriching and exciting summer day camp experience for children entering grades K-5. The camp focuses on safety, engagement, and friendship. Camp Bayside provides a welcoming environment where campers can explore, learn, and create lifelong memories.

At Camp Bayside, each week provides a new theme, which ensures that campers are continuously engaged. One week they might explore nature, embarking on hands-on projects, activities, and other science-based options, and the next week, they might be crafting masterpieces in the art studio.

There are also plenty of opportunities for experiential learning, which is why Camp Bayside provides off-site adventures and on-site guest presentations. Camp Bayside provides opportunities for kids to learn new skills, connect with their community, and feel inspired to broaden their horizons.

Where Summer Adventure Awaits: Camp of the Lakes (Madison)

Age Range: 5-11

Camp of the Lakes is designed for campers entering grades K-5. The Summer Day Camp offers a safe and engaging environment where children can thrive and create lifelong memories.

Each week brings a new and exciting theme, ensuring that campers are continuously inspired and entertained. From hands-on projects and activities to engaging free-choice options, there’s something for every camper to enjoy. Plus, weekly swim trips to local pools or splash pads provide the perfect opportunity to cool off and make a splash!

Camp of the Lakes believes in experiential learning, which is why each week includes on-site guest presentations or off-site field trips. From meeting special guests to exploring local attractions, campers broaden their horizons and discover new interests in a supportive and inclusive environment.

One of the highlights of Camp of the Lakes is the opportunity for campers to build friendships and create lasting memories in a small group setting. Guided by experienced staff members, campers form bonds with other similar-aged campers as they navigate adventures, share laughs, and support each other throughout the summer.

Tuition assistance is available to families for all programs, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience Camp of the Lakes.

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