Social Justice

Eau Claire Educators Who Lead Civil Rights Program Draw Parallels to Today

UW-Eau Claire civil rights program seeks to change views through education, experiences.

3 days ago

Wisconsin Activists Call Police Response to Capitol Riot ‘Ridiculous’

Look no further than law enforcement preparations in Kenosha last week or BLM protests.

5 days ago

Looking Back on 2020: The Racial Justice Movement Hits Home in Wisconsin

Jacob Blake shooting shows why you can’t brush police brutality and systemic racism off as someone else’s problem.

4 weeks ago

BLM and Indigenous Groups Are Getting Racist Team Names Torn Down. What Is Taking Wisconsin So Long?

State has 28 schools that still haven’t caught up to Washington’s football team and now Cleveland’s baseball team.

4 weeks ago

Milwaukee Group Marks 200 Days of Marching for Justice

Started after George Floyd’s killing, The Peoples Revolution reaches a historic milestone as the group gets official recognition from Milwaukee…

1 month ago

Vos Admits, ‘Obviously, What We’re Doing Now as a State Isn’t Working’

State Assembly Speaker indicates the Legislature could meet for the first time in more than six months, could support a…

3 months ago

The Racial Disparities Task Force Created After Jacob Blake Shooting Is Finally Meeting This Week

Task force created as alternative to GOP-led Legislature meeting to pass Governor’s package of police reform bills.

3 months ago

Cities Across Wisconsin Attempt Police Reform. Here’s How They’re Doing.

Where the march for social justice confronts the hurdles of forming new policy.

3 months ago