Wisconsin woman shares her painful miscarriage message

Wisconsin woman shares her painful miscarriage message

Today, Cheryl Janey’s two children are grown and she’s happily retired.

But she has a story to tell from her younger days that comes with pangs of emotion. It’s a story she doesn’t want other women to ever have to go through.
Cheryl is relieved that a Wisconsin judge recently reaffirmed her own ruling from earlier this year, wherein state law permits consensual medical abortions—handing abortion rights advocates a massive victory.

Cheryl isn’t shy to say that an abortion early on in her pregnancy could’ve saved her “trauma, pain, and suffering when she miscarried.”

Upon hearing the ruling, Michelle Velasquez, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Chief Strategy Officer, said she was “very, very happy,” and encouraged more women to share stories like Cheryl’s.