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California Wildfires
Why Those California Fires Probably Won’t Happen In Our Forest-Heavy Wisconsin

Local firefighters will still be needed out west where climate change is making the problems worse there, even as it gets wetter and hotter here.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has upgraded his plans to fight climate change in Wisconsin and elsewhere.
WI Environmental Advocates Turn to Local Govts. for Action in the Age of Trump

Biden has beefed up his proposals to add green jobs, and help diverse communities benefit from addressing climate change in Wisconsin.

President Trump
Head of WI Climate Change Task Force Sums Up Trump Record: Disastrous

‘No Time to Lose: A Wisconsin Family Meeting on Climate’ reviews nearly four years of denial and deregulation.

Scott Hackel Hiking
Watch: Wisconsin Families See Ignoring Climate Change as Sticking Their Kids with the Bill

Scott Hackel voices the concerns that a changing climate will make their children’s lives less fulfilling and much more expensive.

Melissa Gavin family
Watch: Dane County Woman Shows It Takes a Village to Take Action on Climate Change

Melissa Gavin brought a global issue down to the hometown level.

Fred Thomas resort solar array
Watch: A Changing Climate Threatens Wisconsin Resorts’ Tourism Business

Linda Herscher sees what winter and summer changes have done to their family resort as it passes to a fourth generation.

Joel Charles and his son
Watch: WI Physician Sounds the Alarm That ‘Climate Crisis Is a Public Health Emergency’

Dr. Joel Charles sees the human toll as a changing climate increases the impact of extreme weather.