Poll: What musicians do you most want to see live?
Poll: What Musicians Do You Most Want To See Live?

We're always trying to get to know our audience better, so we've got a new 30-second poll for you. Let's get a better sense of what kinds of live music you're interested in by ranking these artists by order of preference. Thanks for being part of the UpNorthNews community and helping us continue to grow!

Quiz: What Wisconsin Cheese Factory Should You Visit?
Quiz: What Wisconsin Cheese Factory Should You Visit?

It's not just something we wear on our heads. In the Dairy State, we take cheese seriously. Tell us about your cheese preferences and we'll tell you the best Wisconsin cheese factory tour you should plan ASAP!

Quiz: Which Great Lake Matches Your Personality?
Quiz: Which Great Lake Matches Your Personality?

Do you have a bold personality that matches Lake Superior, or are you a little shallow, like Lake Erie? Let's find out!

Survey: Where in Wisconsin Do You Live?
Let’s Get To Know You With This Quick Survey

We want to know what our readers like, so we can make sure we're putting out the best content possible. Help us help you by taking this 3-minute survey!

Quiz: What is Your Top Business Strength?

Your character traits often impact your career. Take this quiz to find out your workplace strengths! 

Quiz: 7 Questions to Find the Perfect Wisconsin Cocktail for You!

Wisconsin regularly tops the list as America's "Drunkest State," and UW-Madison routinely ranks among the top party schools in the US. Put simply: Wisconsinites know and love their alcohol. Let's find out which of our classic cocktails fits your personality!

Holiday Food
Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Holiday Dish Say About You?

Skip the small talk and play this quiz instead at your next holiday gathering.