Michelle Powell's children, along with her nieces, were able to see the Navy vessel their great-grandfather helped bring back from Greece.
Photo courtesy Michelle Powell
Historic WWII Ship’s Wisconsin Stop Holds Special Meaning for La Crosse Family

Lt. Donald Molzahn Sr., was part of a group of veterans that brought the LST 325 back from Greece more than twenty years ago. This week his family watched the WWII Navy transport vessel dock in his hometown. Michelle Powell had tears in her eyes as she stood on the banks of the Mississippi River...

Visitors will be able to explore the ship’s interior, uncover its historical significance, and get a deeper understanding of what day-to-day life looked like for those who bravely served and lived aboard the LTS 325.
Photo Courtesy Jeff Boyne
A Historic WWII Ship is Docked in Wisconsin for Labor Day Weekend

The USS LST 325, used on D-Day to bring troops and equipment to storm the beach, is hosting tours in La Crosse this weekend. A one-of-a-kind ship that helped turn the tide for the Allies will be open for visitors one weekend only in Wisconsin. The USS LST 325 is permanently docked and open for...

When Wausau Had a ‘King’

2023 marks 56 years since civil rights leader and the man behind a movement built on love, Martin Luther King, Jr., visited Wisconsin. We revisit that day with two people who were there.