Kyle Rittenhouse Made White-Power Signs as He Took Photos with Proud Boys, Prosecutors Say

“The defendant’s continued association with members of a group that prides itself on violence, and the use of their symbols,…

3 days ago

Grafton Police: Pharmacist Accused of Destroying Vaccine Is a Conspiracy Theorist Who Said the World Is ‘Crashing Down’

Report says Steven Brandenburg was storing weapons and food in bulk, going through divorce, making false virus claims.

2 weeks ago

The Real Legacy WI’s First Woman Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson Leaves Behind

Former Supreme Court Chief Justice was a prolific, meticulous legal scholar, leaving an indelible mark on Wisconsin’s courts.

4 weeks ago

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Final Effort to Overturn 221,000 Ballots

Hagedorn joins progressives in telling the president he waited too long after the election was done to complain about the…

1 month ago

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Trump’s Quest to Flip the State

Swing Justice Brian Hagedorn gives little indication of his leaning in the state case. Simultaneously, a judge dismisses president's federal…

1 month ago

Hours After Trump Loses State Lawsuit, WI Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Appeal on Saturday

The effort to toss 221,000 votes in Milwaukee and Dane counties was rejected by a lower court Friday morning.

1 month ago

Judge Rejects Trump’s Attempt to Toss 221,000 Votes in Milwaukee, Dane Counties

President Donald Trump gets handed yet another loss in his war on the election.

1 month ago

Judge Holds Off Immediately Ruling on Trump’s Federal Wisconsin Election Lawsuit

Judge Brett Ludwig, a Trump appointee, notes the president filed no complaints about the system prior to Election Day—which he…

1 month ago