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Opposed to Absentee Ballots, Yet 80% of Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Have Done It
These GOP Lawmakers Tried to Make It Harder to Vote-By-Mail. Then 80% of Them Mailed Ballots in April.

Analysis by liberal group on voting habits of Wisconsin politicians reveals majority vote absentee.

Ron Johnson Says He’s Against More Stimulus Checks, Calls Masks ‘a Courtesy’
Johnson: Masks Are a ‘Courtesy’

On systemic racism in law enforcement: “I doubt it.”

Protesters and Police at Vos’ House
Protesters and Police at Vos’ House

Vos falsely blamed COVID surge on immigrants, angering many.

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GOP County Party Member Sends High Schoolers Letter With Inaccurate History

La Crosse County Party members claims Democrats supported slavery.

In Leaked Audio, Vos Blames Immigrant ‘Culture’ for Racine County’s COVID-19 Outbreak
Vos Blames Immigrants for COVID Outbreak

Racine's Latino county supervisor calls on Vos to resign over comments.