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Sad hospital patient
‘Like Taking Lifeboats Away’: Wis. Doctors Raise Alarm Over Attacks on Affordable Care Act

A third Trump Supreme Court justice could strike down landmark reforms even as COVID-19 wipes out more Americans’ healthcare coverage.

For the second day straight, Wisconsin sees record number of COVID-19 cases. (Shutterstock image)
Baldwin Bill Helps People Find Health Coverage They Lost During Pandemic

Proposal could help 6 million Americans. Biden wants to beef up Affordable Care Act. Trump COVID health plan not keeping promises.

CDC YouTube Page
Add CDC Videos to Your Quarantine Viewing List

Dozens of individual nuggets of information about coronavirus As the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world, the United States, and Wisconsin, all of us have many questions about the virus that has disrupted people’s lives in more ways than we can count. Thankfully for us, we live in a world where information is as...

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Grandma Is Coughing a Lot on the Phone. What Should We Do?

The CDC has an interactive symptom checker.

Mike Jackson's Family And Friends Aren't Going to Let Briggs & Stratton Forget
Mike Jackson’s Family and Friends Aren’t Going to Let Briggs & Stratton Forget

Jackson’s family says he felt pressured into working sick because the company doesn’t provide sick leave.

Briggs & Stratton Closed Lines Friday After Another Worker Tests Positive for COVID-19
Briggs & Stratton Offers Thoughts and Prayers but Little Else After Worker Collapses and Dies of COVID-19

Few safety upgrades at factory, but $2.6 million in executive bonuses.

Protesters and Police at Vos’ House
Protesters and Police at Vos’ House

Vos falsely blamed COVID surge on immigrants, angering many.