Absentee Ballots – Late, Lost, and Even Found

Voters are outraged, clerks are overwhelmed, USPS is questioned

Wisconsin nurse Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley, center, sits with fellow nurses Dee Wells, left, and Benita Conleh, right, in New York. Riley, who lives in Hayward and works in Cumberland, is spending three weeks in New York treating people hospitalized with COVID-19. (Contributed photo)
‘How Are We Going to Keep Them Alive?’

Wisconsin nurse describes first day treating COVID-19 patients in New York

These cows are among those in the dairy herd at Sam and Brittany Olson’s farm near the Barron County community of Dallas. The Olsons and other Wisconsin dairy farmers face challenges as low milk prices and lack of demand are prompting some farmers to dump their milk. (Photo by Danielle Endvick)
Pandemic May Be the Last Straw for Another Batch of Farmers

Government purchases encouraged to slow the freefall of prices, but it may not be enough

Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley works at Cumberland Memorial Hospital in northwest Wisconsin, teaching clinical skills to college nursing students. (Contributed photo)
Wisconsin Nurse Heads to New York to Help

Trading the calm of Cumberland for the chaos of pandemic’s epicenter

The Robert Kastenmeier U.S. Courthouse in Madison, WI (Photo by Julian Emerson)
Judge Gives More Time for Absentee Ballots

April 7 election stands, but 1,000,000 want to mail ballots instead

Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee (Photo by Jonathon Sadowski)
Milwaukee Convention Slides One Month

Democratic National Committee praised for the move to August 17 due to pandemic