Reform Supporters Hope GOP Won’t Derail Bill Addressing Rape Kit Backlogs Again

Bipartisan bill died last year when Assembly Republicans attached language about voucher school and immigrants.

2 days ago

Unemployment Office Finally Gets Approved for an Upgrade

Labor expert: It used to take 11 questions to apply for jobless help. Now it’s more than 120, using an…

4 days ago

Legal Weed in Wisconsin? Not With This GOP Legislature.

Senate leader signals possible compromise on medicinal marijuana rather than full legalization. Lawmakers and governor staking out early ground on…

5 days ago

The True Story Behind Abolitionists Who Helped Joshua Glover Escape

“It’s a white hero rescuing Black people, and I think that that serves a very particular narrative.”

2 weeks ago

Wisconsin Republicans Force Schools to Choose Between Safety and Money

Joint Finance Committee decides some federal funds will be reduced for school districts still holding classes online.

2 weeks ago

Wisconsin’s Black History Is Complex and Largely Unacknowledged, Say Historians

“I think that we should ask Wisconsinites: Think about why very few people know this history when this is not…

2 weeks ago

Wisconsin Now Leading Country in Number of Vaccinations Given Daily

News comes as Evers announces state’s first community-based vaccine clinic in Rock County and politics over mask order continues in…

3 weeks ago

Evers Is Trying to Bring Legal Weed to Wisconsin. Here’s Who It Would Help.

As part of biennial budget, revenue would go towards rural schools and underserved communities.

3 weeks ago