The cheapest flights you can book from Milwaukee right now

The Cheapest Spring Break Flights You Can Book From Milwaukee Right Now

By Erin Yarnall

March 6, 2024

Winter weather tends to be particularly brutal in Milwaukee, but sometimes spring can be a bit rough as well. That’s why it’s nice to get away, especially over Spring Break — but it’s not always financially feasible. Thankfully, there are a few destinations that are pretty affordable to purchase a round-trip ticket to, and would make for a great Spring Break trip.

From catching a baseball game in Phoenix, to exploring national parks in Tennessee, to traveling out of the country on a budget, there are plenty of ways to get away without breaking the bank. 

Some of these destinations are so cheap to travel to because they’re on ultra-low-cost airlines, which offer bargain-rate ticket prices — but the ticket price is all that it includes. If you’re booking on an ultra-low-cost airline, be sure to pack light because most charge for checked and carry-on bags, and don’t expect any frills, like in-flight entertainment and in some cases, complimentary beverages.

Richmond, Virginia

Price: $218

Airline: Spirit Airlines

The Cheapest Spring Break Flights You Can Book From Milwaukee Right Now

Photo courtesy of Visit Richmond via Instagram.

With an ever-expanding culinary scene, great art museums, and a host of historical sites, Richmond, Va. seems to have it all. The city, which serves as the state’s capital, is packed with fascinating and educational historic sites, like founding father John Marshall’s former home, Hollywood Cemetery, which houses the graves of two former United States presidents, and the Richmond Slave Trail, a walking trail that chronicles the history of enslaved Africans.

In March, temperatures average between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, although the city has hit a record high of 94 degrees Fahrenheit during the month. If you’re up for some sand between your toes, and have a rental car, have a beach day at Virginia Beach, a coastal city that’s a 90-minute drive from Richmond.

While Spirit Airlines does offer the most affordable ticket to fly to Richmond from Milwaukee, it comes with an inconvenient layover, and hefty fees if you plan on checking a bag. Tickets on other airlines, including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, range from $400 to $500 for a roundtrip flight.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Price: $273

Airline: American Airlines

Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee, but just because it’s a bustling college town, doesn’t mean it can’t also be an ideal Spring Break destination. While it serves as a college town for the more than 28,000 students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville is actually the state’s third-largest city and its former capital.

Country music fans can spend time partaking in the city’s Cradle of Country Music Walking Tour, as Knoxville has ties to country legends like Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, and Dolly Parton.

Once you’ve finished exploring the city, venture out to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the country’s most popular national parks, which is a 45-minute drive away from Knoxville. Keep an eye open for black bears in the park, and be sure to make your way up to Clingmans Dome, the highest point in Tennessee, and a great viewpoint to see up to 100 miles away.

In March, the average temperature in Knoxville ranges between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal Spring Break getaway to escape the cold.

Orlando, Florida

Price: $55

Airline: Spirit Airlines

The Cheapest Spring Break Flights You Can Book From Milwaukee Right Now

Photo courtesy of Visit Orlando via Instagram.

Hands down the most affordable destination to visit from Milwaukee is Orlando. Round-trip flights to the theme park hotspot can be found for as low as $55 on Spirit Airlines.

Visitors to the city can stop by one of more than a dozen theme parks, including Disney World and Universal Studios. But there’s also so much more to do in the central Florida city. Drive out to the coast and watch a rocket take off at Kennedy Space Center, a 52-mile drive away.

Keep in mind that the $55 fee is for the ticket only. Carry-on bags, checked bags and seat selection cost extra on the ultra-low-cost airline. 

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Price: $340

Airline: Spirit Airlines

It’s not just domestic destinations that travelers can cheaply fly to from Milwaukee — a flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica, costs $340 for a round-trip ticket.

The city, Jamaica’s fourth largest, is a popular tourist destination, and is well-known for its duty-free shopping, as well as its unbeatable beaches along the country’s northern coast.

When you’re done lounging on the beach, venture out on Bunker Hill Cultural Experience River Tour — a tour of Montego Bay’s rivers and caves, which also educates visitors on the country’s first inhabitants, the Tainos. Don’t forget to round out your trip by sampling some authentic Jamaican food at local restaurants like Sweet Spice Restaurant and Sunset Bar & Restaurant.

Atlanta, Georgia

Price: $129

Airline: Frontier Airlines

Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world, with more than 93 million passengers traveling through it in 2022. So, it shouldn’t be too tricky to find an affordable flight to the city, which serves as the capital of Georgia.

In March, Atlanta has an average high of 66 degrees Fahrenheit, so enjoy the nice weather by walking the city’s BeltLine, a 22-mile, looped, multi-use trail. 

No trip to the city is complete without visiting the Atlanta History Center, a museum that was founded in 1926 and does an impressive job of chronicling the city’s history. The Atlanta History Center has permanent exhibits on Georgia’s native inhabitants, the Civil War and its impact on the city, and the 1996 Olympic Games, which were held in Atlanta.

Frontier’s flight, which has a layover in Orlando, is the most affordable option for travel to Atlanta. Delta Air Lines offers nonstop flights from Milwaukee to Atlanta, which cost approximately $600 per person.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Price: $319

Airline: United Airlines

The Cheapest Spring Break Flights You Can Book From Milwaukee Right Now

Phot courtesy of Visit New Orleans via Instagram.

Spending Spring Break in New Orleans is ideal — you’re narrowly missing the intense crowds that center themselves in the city during Mardi Gras, and the weather is perfect, with an average of 73 degrees Fahrenheit in March. 

Although you’re missing out on Mardi Gras, there are still plenty of festivals to hit in the city throughout the spring, including the New Orleans Book Festival and the New Orleans Museum of Art’s Art in Bloom presentation, which showcases numerous floral designs.

Kids will love visiting Mardi Gras World, a 300,000-square-foot warehouse that showcases the creative floats that are made for the city’s annual Mardi Gras parade. 

Los Angeles, California

Price: $228

Airline: Spirit Airlines

With an abundance of sun and a stunning coastline, a trip to Los Angeles is an affordable way to make a Spring Break unforgettable.

The best thing about visiting Los Angeles, besides its weather — which averages 70 degrees Fahrenheit in March — is that it’s so versatile. Spend a day at one of its magnificent beaches, like Carbon Beach and Zuma Beach in Malibu. Or, forego the sand, and hike up Runyon Canyon, a 160-acre park that offers a pretty great view of the famous Hollywood Sign. 

If you don’t want to enjoy the city’s nice weather, go behind the scenes of beloved TV shows at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, or explore film history at the Academy Museum, a must-do for any movie lovers.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $148

Airline: Frontier Airlines/Spirit Airlines

It’s even easier to take part in the fun and excitement of Las Vegas with relatively inexpensive round-trip airfare between Milwaukee and the Nevada city that’s known for its warm weather, entertaining performances, beautiful surrounding area, and thrilling nightlife.

Adults could win big, or lose horribly while spending the day in one of the city’s many, many casinos. Or, take the whole family off the strip, and have a unique experience by visiting Springs Preserve — a 180-acre nature preserve with botanical gardens, hiking trails, and wildlife habitats. 

It’s not just about gambling and getting married quickly in Vegas anymore, though. The city is continuing to expand its roster of professional sports teams after acquiring the A’s. The professional baseball team is joining the city’s NFL team, the Raiders; WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces; and NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

A round-trip ticket to Sin City from Milwaukee typically costs between $150 and $400, depending on the airline. Frontier and Spirit Airlines are both ultra-low-cost airlines that fly nonstop between Las Vegas and Milwaukee.

Phoenix, Arizona

Price: $294

Airline: Delta Air Lines

Phoenix can be overwhelmingly hot in the summertime, but the weather is nearly perfect during Spring Break.

Baseball fans should fly out and catch a Spring Training game, as several MLB teams play games every day in the Phoenix area’s Cactus League.

While you can make a day venturing out to the Grand Canyon from the city, a 224-mile drive, there are impressive regional parks located much closer to the city, like Estrella Mountain Regional Park, where visitors can check out undisturbed desert areas, see spiny cactuses and hike mountain trails.

Phoenix has an average high temperature of 74 degrees in March, making the desert an ideal place to encounter warm temperatures and plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Price: $163

Airline: Spirit Airlines

The Cheapest Spring Break Flights You Can Book From Milwaukee Right Now

Photo courtesy of Charlotte’s Got a Lot via Instagram.

Charlotte is sometimes called the Hornet’s Nest, and that’s not because it’s filled with buzzing, stinging wasps during the spring. In fact, it’s pretty pleasant throughout the season, making it an ideal, and affordable, Spring Break getaway.

The city was nicknamed the Hornet’s Nest because it fought so hard against Britain during the Revolutionary War. Now, it’s inspired the name of the city’s NBA team, which you can catch playing in Charlotte during a Spring Break trip to the city. 

There are plenty of opportunities to catch a sports game, but with weather averaging 64 degrees Fahrenheit in March, it’s also a great spot to enjoy the great outdoors. Charlotte is in close proximity to the Appalachian Mountains, which makes it a great spot for any avid hikers from the Midwest looking to get a bit of elevation into their walks. Or, spend a day at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, situated on the Catawba River, and gain some experience whitewater rafting with a range of difficulty levels.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.The cheapest flights you can book from Milwaukee right nowThe cheapest flights you can book from Milwaukee right now




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