Should Daylight Saving Time get the boot? Our followers have mixed opinions.

By Salina Heller

November 4, 2023

Time to set your clocks back an hour—Daylight Saving ends this weekend!

There’s a growing push from states to end the twice-a-year “spring forward, fall back” ritual, and while Wisconsin lawmakers haven’t written their own legislation to push clocks forward permanently yet, locals certainly have a lot of thoughts. Here’s what our followers are saying in response to our latest Facebook poll: Should Wisconsin make a permanent switch to Daylight Saving Time?


Do what they did during the 1973-74 energy crisis— suspended daylight savings time— keep it at standard daylight time.—Rob Lehman

Do people in Wisconsin realize that with permanent Standard Time, the sun will be coming up around 4:30 a.m. in June when they’re trying to sleep, and setting at around 8:30 p.m. when they could be out doing things for another hour? Why would anyone want that besides to avoid the inconvenience of the time change?—Mark Gunderman

Daylight Saving Time because we only are on Standard Time for about four months. There are health problems related to the switching and it’s just plain annoying.—Linda LeCloux

Standard time should be for December and January only. We don’t need 4 months of it, but we do need 2.— Jolee Walker

Yes, but it shouldn’t just be Wisconsin. It would be very difficult if the similar changes aren’t made in surrounding states.—Angelo Guercio

Just quit switching. People will adapt to one or the other.—Diane Moen

There’s no way to please all, so maybe staying with the way it is now is the best compromise, most people get some of what they enjoy. For me, evening is when there is time to do & enjoy things outside, so that is when I want daylight. Lack of daylight makes little difference in what I do in the morning, but a world of difference in my evenings.—Norma Romes

Stay with Standard Time, year round, period!!!!!!—Willa Hathaway



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