5 ways you can help humanitarian efforts in Israel and Gaza from Wisconsin

By Salina Heller

October 13, 2023

Saturday morning, Jewish people and Palestinians across Wisconsin woke up to the frightening news of unprecedented attacks on Israel by Hamas.

Some people have still not heard from family members or friends there. Others live in fear for their homeland.

Thousands have been killed and injured. Hospitals are overwhelmed, and more than 100,000 people are displaced. As the deadly fighting between Israel and Hamas gets worse, so too does the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Wisconsinites can show support for the humanitarian efforts underway in Israel and Gaza from afar. However, the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau said to be mindful of scams, especially over social media. It’s important to look for ways to verify whether a charity is trustworthy before making a donation.

We’ve vetted a few of the options for you to make donating even easier. Here are five humanitarian aid organizations helping victims in Israel and Gaza that you can donate to.

Jewish Agency’s Fund for Victims of Terror


An American charity, The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Fund for Victims of Terror, is a first responder when terror strikes, providing immediate assistance to victims within a day or two of an attack. It also follows up with long-term rehabilitative support. The Milwaukee Jewish Foundation supports this group. Donate here.


Doctors Without Borders


Doctors Without Borders is an independent charity providing medical care and supplies to victims of conflict, disease outbreaks, and disasters. In Gaza, the group is donating medical supplies to hospitals. Doctors Without Bordersrecruits in Wisconsin for medical professionals and for non-medical jobs, like construction workers and mechanics. To donate, go here.


Islamic Relief USA


Through emergency aid, disaster response, sustainable projects, and other humanitarian efforts, Islamic Relief USA has become a top-ranked charity. This summer, the organization opened a refugee resettlement center in Milwaukee— it was expected to take in about 100 arrivals within the year. There’s more information on how to donate here.

Save the Children


This global charity is pushing each side to show restraint and keep children and families safe. It is providing assistance mostly for mental health impact to children affected by the attacks. WIsconsin has a political advocacy arm of Save the Children, and it has organized volunteers to advocate for kids with elected leaders. Donate here.


The International Committee of the Red Cross


ICRC is a neutral, independent organization with a humanitarian mission to help victims of armed conflict and violence. The group says they are ready to visit anyone detained in the region so they can check on their well-being and provide news to loved ones. The American Red Cross of Wisconsin has five state chapters to deliver disaster care, veteran support, blood service, and health and safety classes to state residents. You can donate here.


  • Salina Heller

    A former 15-year veteran of reporting local news for western Wisconsin TV and radio stations, Salina Heller also volunteers in community theater, helps organize the Chippewa Valley Air Show, and is kept busy by her daughter’s elementary school PTA meetings. She is a UW-Eau Claire alum.

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