Turkey Timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from a Wisconsin farm

Turkey timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from a Wisconsin farm

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By Claire Mainprize

October 12, 2023

This Thanksgiving, order a sustainably raised turkey from a local farm—instead of fighting over a frozen bird during your last-minute grocery run

It’s no coincidence that the sound a turkey makes and the verb for devouring said turkey are the same word. Every year around Thanksgiving, there’s a whole lot of “gobbling” going on (of both kinds).

But if you ask us, turkeys taste even better when you know they’ve been raised in nearby pastures by friendly Wisconsin farmers. Therefore, all of the farms on this list employ ethical farming practices, and the vast majority of gobblers up for grabs were raised outside of cages and produced free of fillers, added hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.

With this information in mind, eschew the crowded grocery aisles this Thanksgiving and order a turkey from one of these 9 local farms instead. Without a doubt, you’ll experience your most scrumptious and sustainable Thanksgiving dinner to date.

West and Northwest Wisconsin

Organic Prairie


Where: La Farge

When: Items are processed immediately, although shipping depends on the day and time.

How Much: $1256 and up for whole turkeys

Why: Everything about these turkeys is organic and sustainable, from the feed to the packaging, which is made from recycled denim.

Northstar Bison

Where: Cameron

When: Order by Nov. 13 to get your frozen turkey shipped in time.

How Much: $296 and up for whole turkeys

Why: Reviewers rave about these birds, with one writing, “This was the absolute best turkey that I have ever prepared or tasted. I searched for a corn-free and soy-free option and am thrilled to have found such a high quality turkey!”

Central Wisconsin

Oak Knoll Acres

Turkey timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from a Wisconsin farm

Photo courtesy of Oak Knoll Acres

Where: Almond

When: The whole, frozen turkeys are delivered to you (call for more information).

How Much: $6 per pound ($5.50 if you buy two or more)

Why: This farm welcomes visitors and loves to show people around the grounds. You can see exactly where your turkey lived out his happy and carefree life.

River Hill Farms


Where: Amherst

When: Contact the farm to complete an order or learn more.

How Much: $3.50 per pound

Why: The price of these free-range, Bronze Breasted turkeys is hard to beat. Plus, the farm offers awesome educational programs.

Eastern Wisconsin

Waseda Farms


Where: Baileys Harbor and De Pere

When: Turkeys will be shipped on Nov. 13 and 14, or pick them up at the Waseda Farms Market in De Pere.

How Much: $72 and up

Why: The turkeys are certified organic and packed with nutrition. Plus, you can get free shipping if you spend $300 or more.

Southern Wisconsin

Old Glory Farm

Turkey timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from a Wisconsin farm

Photo courtesy of Old Glory Farm via Facebook

Where: Elkhorn

When: Once the farm receives your order, they’ll call you to arrange pickup.

How Much: $20 deposit, $4.99 per pound

Why: The fresh turkeys from this farm are so good they sell out months ahead of Thanksgiving. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck, however—they also offer frozen birds and delicious honey to go with them.

Vintage Farm

Where: Oconomowoc

When: Pickup will be the week of Thanksgiving at the farm or 416 Bluemound Road (Office Furniture Warehouse).

How Much: $6.50 per pound

Why: If you sign up for the farm’s newsletter, you’ll get a dozen of their famous, farm-fresh eggs for free.

Sparrow Hill Farm

Where: Monroe

When: Preorder now and pick your turkey up at the farm or Dane County Farmers Market.

How Much: $7.95 per pound

Why: This family farm puts the environment first by “avoiding industry-standard subtherapeutic antibiotics, synthetic worming medicines, and continuous overgrazing of the land.”

Alden Hills Organic Farms


Where: Walworth

When: Order now and pick up your turkey at the farm the Saturday before Thanksgiving from 9 a.m.-noon.

How Much: $50 deposit, $7.53 per pound

Why: This USDA-certified organic farm guarantees grass-fed, grass-finished turkeys that are always out on pasture.



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