Wisconsin’s 5 Biggest Indoor Waterparks, Ranked by Slide Count 

Wisconsin’s 5 Biggest Indoor Waterparks, Ranked by Slide Count 

By Jessica Lee

January 23, 2023

When you don’t have the time or money for a tropical getaway, escape the winter cold at one of Wisconsin’s indoor waterparks.

Set to a balmy 84 degrees year-round, these parks make the perfect staycation for families, couples, or anyone looking for a little warmth! 

We reviewed all of the state’s indoor waterparks and ranked them by slide count– so you can get the most bang for your buck. A bonus: All of the parks on this list are part of larger resorts, so access to them is typically included with the price of your room. And yes, they are all in Wisconsin Dells. It is the waterpark capital of the world!

5. Mt. Olympus

Slide Count: 7

Wisconsin's 5 Biggest Indoor Waterparks, Ranked by Slide Count 

Photo courtesy of Mt. Olympus Resorts & Parks

You won’t find Mt. Olympus on many “Best Indoor Waterpark” lists because it’s brand new! While it doesn’t have quite as many slides as other resorts, the slides it does have are awesome. Medusa’s Slidewheel is the first rotating waterslide in America. Part Ferris wheel and part waterslide, the one-of-a-kind attraction combines speed, g-forces, and even a little bit of air time with a clockwise rotation to maximize thrills! Cerberus is another fast and fun tube slide that winds around the park, and the Hydra Body Slide consists of two tubes that offer medium-speed thrills for anyone 55” and taller.  The youngest swimmers can enjoy the three waterslides at Medusa’s shipwreck. 

4. Wild West

Slide Count: 8

The Wilderness is the largest waterpark resort in the United States and home to four total parks (two outdoor and two indoor.) Access to all of them is included in the price of your stay. When combined, the Wilderness complex is bigger than the Kalahari resort (more on that later.) But since Wilderness markets its waterparks separately, we split them on this list. After its 2022 renovations, the Wild West Waterpark, the smaller of the resort’s indoor options by area, has four new slides and four returning favorites. Options include Twisted Trails (a dueling tube slide), Warped Wagons (a dueling mat racing slide), the Black Hole (an extreme tube slide with plenty of twists and turns), and the Fantastic Voyage raft ride. 

3. Klondike Kavern

Slide Count: 8

Klondike Kavern is a 65,000-square-foot waterpark in the New Frontier region of the Wilderness Resort. In it, you’ll find two slides for little kids in the Bonanza Bluff area: a 20-foot body slide and a 40-foot side-by-side slide. The park is also home to the tallest indoor four-person family raft ride, The Hurricane. Other slides include the Mine Shaft Drop attraction, which has two 300-foot body slides, and Claim Jumper Challenge, with two 400-foot tube slides. 

2. Kalahari

Slide Count: 9

If you don’t count the mat-racing slides at the #1 resort on this list, Kalahari would win for the most waterslides of any indoor Wisconsin waterpark. It’s still the largest waterpark by area in the Dells.  

Wisconsin's 5 Biggest Indoor Waterparks, Ranked by Slide Count 

Photo courtesy of Kalahari Resorts

Kalahari has a few tandem tubes that are great for families or adults that want to ride with their youngest children, including the 270-foot winding Elephant’s Trunk, the Rippling Rhino flume ride, the Zig Zag Zebra tube slide, and Victoria Falls, a family raft ride. Thrillseekers will love the vertical drop and 360-degree loop on the Sahara Sidewinders, and the Screaming Hyena has an almost-vertical 60-foot drop! Finally, the Tanzanian Twister takes riders through its funnel at speeds of up to 40 mph until they free-fall into the water below. 

1. Great Wolf Lodge

Slide Count: 12+

Great Wolf’s Wisconsin Dells’ location easily takes the top spot as the state’s indoor waterpark with the most slides. They have six slides that are part of five major attractions– and that doesn’t include the slides in the tots’ area and the four slides that are part of Mountain Edge Raceway, a mat-racing attraction. 

Wisconsin's 5 Biggest Indoor Waterparks, Ranked by Slide Count 

Photo courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge

Totem Towers and the Mineshaft Kids Waterslide are the park’s tamest slides, perfect for toddlers. Kids that are tall enough (42 inches), teens, and adults will love Lookout Mountain and Alberta Falls. Both four-story tandem tube rides take riders through turns and drops until they plummet into the water below. Finally, thrillseekers of all ages who are at least 48 inches tall do not want to miss the Howlin’ Tornado. The funnel-shaped slide tilts, twists, and turns riders until they drop into a six-story funnel that ends with a huge splash. 

Click here to learn more about all of the resorts, rides, and restaurants in the Dells!


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