Dem AG Kaul priorities: Reproductive freedom, ‘Safer Wisconsin’ legislation

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By Joe Zepecki

September 23, 2022

Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul delivered the most high profile speech of the fall campaign this week during an appearance at the Wisconsin Counties Association annual conference in Baraboo.

According to the Associated Press, Kaul told conference goers – county officials from across the Badger State – that his top priority as Attorney General has been public safety. Republicans had controlled the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office for a decade before Kaul was elected. 

In our last item we looked at the issues Kaul cited where the Department of Justice has already made an impact for Wisconsinites. Today, we’ll rundown what Kaul sees as the top priorities for his office going forward in a possible second term;

Here’s a rundown of what Kaul identified as his top priorities going forward: 

  • In the wake of the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade Kaul has filed suit to challenge Wisconsin’s 1849 law that would jail doctors for abortions even in the case of rape or incest, the suit is ongoing and would likely be withdrawn should Republicans reclaim control of the state Department of Justice.
  • Kaul urged the legislature to pass ‘Safer Wisconsin’ legislation that would have made it harder for criminals to access firearms through banning of so-called ‘ghost guns’ and strengthening of red flag laws that temporarily remove guns from individuals in distress. 
  • As mental health challenges facing young people and adults alike are on the rise, Kaul pledged to work with communities across Wisconsin to ensure resources are available for those in need. 
  • Kaul also pledged to fight for more shared revenue for counties across the state, which are crucial to ensuring Wisconsin communities have the resources they need to keep their communities safe. 

In our last look at the race for Attorney General we reviewed what Kaul identified as the top successes of the state Department of Justice during his first term.


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