‘That’s Just Bulls**t’: Evers Gets Frank, Defends His Record, and Predicts the Outcome of Wisconsin’s Midterms

‘That’s Just Bulls**t’: Evers Gets Frank, Defends His Record, and Predicts the Outcome of Wisconsin’s Midterms


By Christina Lorey

September 21, 2022

Appearing on the popular “Pod Save America” podcast Tuesday, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers held nothing back as he addressed a national audience.

If you’re an avid podcast listener, you may have recognized a familiar voice on the most recent episode of Crooked Media’s “Pod Save America.” The show, hosted by a group of former Obama staffers, discusses the week’s most pressing political issues and interviews some of the country’s most impactful policy makers. Tuesday, their guest was Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

Less than 50 days out from the election, Evers got candid when asked about a variety of topics. Here’s the “Spark Notes” version of that conversation:

Q: If re-elected, how will the next four years differ from the first? Can anything get done with a divided state government?

“The politics are the politics,” Gov. Evers (D) said. “ Nobody wants to give anybody a win. But in our first budget, we were able to get as much money for our public schools as we would’ve with any group of legislators.”

“There are some things that transcend politics—not many,” he added. “Schools, Internet, and roads. We can reach an agreement on basic services.”

Q: What should Wisconsin voters know about Evers’ opponent?

“He has a $17 million place in Connecticut. He also has a condo someplace in Manhattan. I’m sure that cost a few bucks too,” Evers explained.

Before he could continue, co-host Jon Lovett interjected, ““In fairness to [Michels], $17 million just doesn’t go as far in Connecticut as it would in Wisconsin.” That garnered a laugh from the whole team. 

Evers continued, “Seriously, he won a primary over several very conservative republicans. They spent their time leapfrogging over each other to see who could be the most conservative. It’s scary stuff. But the bottom line is: You can’t back off from it.”

Q: What are Michels’ most worrisome positions?

Citing Michel’s support of the 1849 abortion ban that gives women no choice in cases of rape or incest and jails physicians for up to six years, Evers called his opponent “unfit to lead.”

“Michels even said increasing funding for public schools is ‘the definition of insanity,’” Evers said. 

A former teacher, principal, and state superintendent, Evers stood by  his record of increasing funding for public schools–not cutting it like the eight years under Scott Walker.

“Michels would put public schools in another difficult marriage,” he predicted, before addressing Michels’ disdain for another marriage– same-sex. 

“I thought we crossed that bridge several decades okay,” Evers said. “Yet he’s okay with 18-year-olds getting an AR-15 without any waiting period.”

The current governor ended by highlighting his opponent’s role in “The Big Lie”– that Biden didn’t actually win Wisconsin.

“Other than that, he’s taken no real horrible positions,” Evers joked. “He’s someone we feel real warm and fuzzy about.”

Q: What would/could happen if Evers loses re-election?

“If my opponent wins, we could be just like Florida,” Evers warned. 

“That would be really special. Everybody in Wisconsin has been lusting after that for decades,” he said facetiously. 

Q: What is Evers’ reaction to DeSantis’ immigration stunt and Republicans’ attempts to “out-MAGA” each other?

“It’s just ridiculous. You’re taking a group of people—their lives are on the line here,” Evers explained. “And then an authority comes by and says, ‘Get on this plane, and we’ll give you freedom.’ That’s just bulls**t frankly.”

”It makes me angry, but it doesn’t surprise me,” he added.

Q: What does Evers think the election will come down to?  

“In all honesty, I hope it’s not going to be about all the negative stuff,” Evers said, “That isn’t what Wisconsin’s about or the nations about.”

Q: What does Evers think will happen on Tuesday, November 8th?

“I do believe, at the end of the day, I’ll win,” he predicted. “It’ll be a small amount. I won by 1.1% again Scott Walker.”

“It’s a standing joke in my world that we’re going to double that to 2.2 and that’ll be a landslide,” he added. “That said, I also believe we’re on the right side of issues. Our economy here in Wisconsin is as good as it’s ever been– a 2.8% unemployment rate. And we have the highest number of people working. Ever.”


  • Christina Lorey

    Christina is an Edward R. Murrow-winning journalist and former producer, reporter, and anchor for TV stations in Madison and Moline. When she’s not writing or asking questions, you can find her volunteering with Girls on the Run, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and various mental health organizations.

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