Wisconsin GOP haven’t done a thing to address baby formula shortage

By Joe Zepecki
June 3, 2022

When it comes to addressing the national shortage of baby formula the difference between the two major political parties could not be any clearer. Democrats are taking action to help get formula in the hands of parents who need it for their infants. Republicans aren’t.

Let’s take a look at who’s doing what on this issue:

  • Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order prohibiting price gouging for baby formula for a 90 day period.  
  • Democratic President Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to boost domestic manufacturing of baby formula during the crisis, and created the ‘Operation Fly Formula’ program to airlift formula to the U.S. from overseas. 

Democrats are stepping up and taking action.

Republicans are opposing those actions when they can — such as with roll call votes in Congress. 

It is a perfectly normal thing to believe in ‘small government’ or assert that ‘government can’t solve all of our problems.’ It is not normal for a political party to believe, in a time of crisis that could lead to the starvation of American children, that the job of elected Republicans is to — quite literally — do nothing and try to prevent from happening that which can be done. 

But that’s exactly what the Republican Party just did on the baby formula crisis.


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