Biden Plan “Attacks Inflation And Grows The Economy”

By Joe Zepecki

May 11, 2022

For at least a dozen years, President Joe Biden has been repeating publicly a turn of phrase he attributes to first hearing from his father:

“Don’t compare me to the almighty. Compare me to the alternative.”

Tuesday, President Biden forcefully spelled out the alternative between his plan to fight inflation and the plan for America spelled out by his political opponents. 

If you weren’t able to catch the speech, here are the key takeaways.

Biden identified fighting inflation as his top domestic priority, pointing to actions his administration has already taken to curb the rising cost of energy and is undertaking to address the impact rising wheat costs are having on the global supply chain of food — a direct result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that is causing prices to spike.

The President also laid out his plans to address the impact of inflation on working families, starting with concrete proposals to lower the costs facing Americans face every day for expenses such as prescription drugs and energy. He also spelled out how fostering competition will drive down prices as further deficit reduction eases inflationary pressures.

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in economics to see that the Biden Administration is taking the challenge of inflation seriously, has already done what they can, and has well thought out responses for what else to do.

As for the alternative, as Biden said in his remarks, “[Republicans] don’t want to solve inflation by lowering your costs.  They want to solve it by raising your taxes and lowering your income.”

Pointing to Senator Rick Scott’s (R-Florida) “11 point plan to rescue America,” which our own Senator Ron Johnson praised, Biden highlighted exactly what leading Republicans who support the plan would do to fight inflation: raise taxes on working families while putting essential entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block. 

That’s not a plan to fight inflation. It’s a vision for America so out of the mainstream that Biden surely cannot be alone in the sentiment behind this quip:

“if I hadn’t seen it in writing, I’d think somebody is making this up.”

It isn’t made up. It’s the only plan Republicans have put on paper to counter the challenge facing America. And it’s the alternative that is at risk of becoming reality if Republicans succeed at the ballot box. 


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