Madison Shows Up To Celebrate Biden’s Win In a Big Way



By Jessica VanEgeren

November 7, 2020

Hundreds converge on the State Capitol Saturday after the presidential race was called for Joe Biden.  

It didn’t take long for Madison-area supporters of President-elect Joe Biden and President Donald Trump to respond to breaking news Saturday morning that Biden had defeated Trump and will become the next president of the United States, with the two political camps each taking a side of the state Capitol to celebrate or call for a recount. 

A caravan of cars circled the Capitol, with drivers beeping their car horns to “This is what democracy looks like,” a chant most Madisonians could hum in their sleep. On the opposite side of the Capitol, Trump supporters could be heard calling for a recount. 

The celebratory mood of Biden supporters included a dance party on the steps of the Capitol.

Supporters gather at the Capitol in Madison Saturday to celebrate the victory of President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris Photo © Lola Abu Shawareb

Joey Puckett, 20, said the Biden-Harris victory means the divisiveness of the Trump presidency could come to an end. 

“I think this is going to be the best four years America has ever seen,” said the Minneapolis native, who is living in Madison while completing an internship. “I think this four years is going to be full of rebuilding and depolarization. I think we can come together to build the most anti-racist system the world has ever seen.”

The election of California Sen. Kamala Harris also was a reason for Madison resident Annette Raveneau to celebrate. 

Black women were one of the last people that were allowed to have the right to vote, making Harris’ nomination and victory as vice president all the more meaningful.

President Donald Trumps supporters rally at the Capitol after former Vice President Joe Biden was declared a winner in the 2020 Presidential election Saturday Photo © Andy Manis

“I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled that she is not only representing Black people, she is representing women, she is representing Caribbean women, she is representing Indian and South Asian women,” Raveneau said. “She is representing so many people in a nice little packet.” 




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