Wisconsin Ballots Differ by District. Here’s What Will Be on Yours.

Samples ballot in Wisconsin. (Photo © Lola Abu-Shawareb)



By christinalieffring

October 16, 2020

How to prepare so you’re not surprised on Election Day.

While the Presidential election this Nov. 3 has hogged all the attention, there’s going to be plenty more bubbles to fill on this year’s ballot.

Several Congressional seats are up for grabs across the state  as well as State Senators and Representatives and on down to county prosecutors, clerks and registers of deeds. There may even be some referendums from school boards or local governments. 

The best way to prevent being caught flat-footed on Election Day is to go to MyVote Wisconsin and select the tab that says, “What’s On My Ballot.” After entering their current residential address, the voter will be shown a replica of their Nov. 3 ballot. 




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