Pollsters say Wisconsin voters are engaged, but not easy to track down.
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Part 1 of 3: Understanding what’s behind all the numbers in the 2020 ‘poll-er derby’

If you’re a Wisconsin voter we don’t mean to make you paranoid, but understand that most of America is trying to read your mind when it comes to the 2020 presidential election. This means America’s Dairyland will be subjected to surveys of all types from scientific telephone polls to online surveys of varying believability. The most credible polling firms charge a lot of money because they work hard to establish a balanced pool of respondents. Still, every poll will have blind spots to some degree. 

For example, the Quinnipiac poll released late last week was welcomed by supporters of President Trump as it showed him ahead of every Democratic candidate in a head-to-head match-up by 7 to 10 points. But read on (to Part 3) for the disclaimers on its results, especially when compared to a new poll by the University of Wisconsin Election Research Service released Sunday.

But first, we look at the most frequently done poll in Wisconsin these days, sponsored by the Marquette University Law School. A frequent criticism is leveled that its samples run heavy with Republican-leaning respondents. We asked political writer and Progressive Magazine contributor Jud Lounsbury to make his case after analyzing recent surveys.

NEXT: Jud Lounsbury on polls and sample sizes.

PART 3: Differences in recent polling from Quinnipiac University and the University of Wisconsin Election Research Center.